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to preserve one's self-respect at all costs. If one wants to ride
upon a mighty elephant, one should do so only after considering
the pros, and con$* One who is desirous of holding a long
conversation with the king should have ample foresight."
Having thus restored peace to his mind, he sent a message to
the king*
t; Your Majesty was not pleased to summon me as soon
as I arrived to your august presence to receive the letters
which 1 have brought. They deal with very delicate (affairs of
state;, I submit that Your Majesty may be pleased now at
least to send for me, so that I may deliver the letters and
communicate all information about them (in person).1'
When this message reached the King of Kings, he was
highly pleased and granted him permission to repair to the
royal presence. Accordingly, the mahaldar, taking the letters
with him, presented himself before His Majesty, and saluted
him with much humility, and having delivered the letters,
represented certain matters (pertaining to them). Then he
praised the king thus:
" Your Majesty is the King of Kings, unequalled in pro-
wess. No monarch who is so capable as Your Majesty is seen
anywhere in the world; Your Majesty has been called Navakoti-
Narayana. How can I adequately praise Your Majesty, who is
a storehouse of regal splendour!'*
The king was very much pleased to hear praises such as
these. He handed over the letters which he received from the
uwhaldar to his secretary (stkanSpati}^ and commanded him
to read them. He wa§ greatly delighted to hear their contents.
Then, being desirous of holding a durbar in the inanda Mahal
* " For, «» the proverb s»yst ' One mutt take a little time to consider before on*
an elephant tven if it be as low in stature as a diminutive *tif*' "—^ p. 168,
f Saaapati—/.tf.JlSf., p. 159,